In a business environment that is no credit line transparency as it is today, for dealing with bad debts, suing to the Court and waiting for civil judgment execution, property attachment is not always optimal solution.

With the commitment to never use illegal methods, we provides you a representative service to convincing your debtor to release the bottlenecks, and finally help you to convert bad debt back to current or special mentioned debt and receive payment from your debtors. We completed those contract document, consolidate the evidence of contract implement. We use the strongest legal and communication action to hit your debtor’s weaknesses. By our experience and legal tools that’s just only of professional recovery agency, as a third party in the process of bad debt recovery, we are in full possession of the emotion between you and debtor, in order to recover your debts fully and legally, ensure your financial security.

Harrison Consultant & Investment Co., Ltd provides a Professional Debt Recovery Consultancy. We are choosing the time’s right to recover your debt. Our recovery consulting services are carried out by the professional and experienced expert, who has succeeded with thousands of doubtful and bad debt recovery records.

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