When the Vietnam private market is growing, the competition bidding has begun to the easy point but also the difficult point, depending on your approach to the bidding.

If you are a competitive bidder, you can turn to be vulnerable of being “weak” because of the strict rules of the determination of responsiveness of the bidding documents, because your competitors have use roundabout way to design “the fence” makes you become “a dounle dealer” in such way you could not anticipate.

And sometimes, even with basic scope of bid, you still can’t fully meet because your company’s qualification is still incomplete to become the eligible bidder, especially in the area of other specialized sector. Therefore, you need a professional consultant to analyze and handle the determination of responsiveness traps to avoid your bids has rejected because your ground of incapicity.

Harrison Consultant & Investment Co., Ltd provides consulting services for contractors in the fields of construction, real estate development, health sector … to help you understand and clarify bidding documents, included legal document, financial proposal, technical standards compatible with industry sectors of bidding packages. We advise how you find and adapt, criticize and negotiate on the requirements of bidding documents to meet the requirements of the bidding document without meterial deviation, reservation or omission and handle the risks for your courage to “bid” and become a winner bidder.

Contact Harrison Co., Ltd for advice on developing bidding documents/ Company capacity Profile and consulting for each specific bidding package to control your expected bidding package.

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