Harrison Consultant & Investment Co., Ltd provides the consulting, drafting and reviewing contract services to ensure the legality, adherence and economics efficiency of the Contract.

The real scenario in which contract, contract guarantee (bond and insurance) and payment documents of the contract have developed professionally to the level of expertise – which is combining the legal, accounting and economics efficiency elements, yet, the fact that if you are lack of the control toward contract and payment documents can cause your company losing right-of-way benefits in some special fields such as Construction, Real Estate, Import and Export, M&A, Franchise, Insurance, Credit. These are areas of expertise that need clear consultancy, pointing out the “unclear” key points in the Contract provisions, “traps” in the form Contract of editor party that will cause your companies in risk.

In addition to advising on contract risk prevention, we provide risk management consulting services as common types follows:

  1. Contract dispute of recovering the deposit when you not performing the Contract.
  2. Contract disputes of Final Settlement for house purchasing with non-implemented items or calculated construction floor area/usable area.
  3. Contract dispute of the refusal of the insurance claim because of not qualifying the condition of the policy of insurance.
  4. Contract Dispute about Construction acceptance or final settlement.
  5. Contract disputes about real estate with co-owned assets.\Contract dispute about recovery debtor’s property when your debtor in bankruptcy.

As an experienced agency in contract dispute settlement with the negotiation method combined with the civil judge procedure, Harrison Consultant & Investment Co., Ltd will negotiate to unclog two party’s bottlenecks and resolve quickly and assure economic efficiency. Thereby, we bring to you the best solutions to settle your disputes, especially when you are the disadvantaged party in the contract dispute. We are willing to accompany and represent you to negotiate with your Partner to ensure your rights based on the Contract. We commit to bring the results after screening the document record and confirming our responsibility by the cooperation contract with you.

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