M&A (mergers and acquisitions), so far, is defined firstly as a playground for large companies, or as for those with great ambitions in business. Therefore, M&A is seen as a modern, high-class investment and somehow for everyone, it is not common.

For Harrison Consultant & Investment Co., Ltd, we define M&A as buying and selling “second hand Company”. In particular, the buyers and sellers care about the “net true value” of a “business model” that has fixed, but may be shortcomings and weaknesses in some of its aspects. By adjustment and improvement, the buyer can reach the possibility of paying-back and making profit.

Theoretically, in the process of purchasing and merging a company of whether large or small scale, investors need to know the “resources of the company” they want to sell or the target company they want to buy. In fact, it is not feasible to expect all of the buyers and sellers have deepening knowledge about M&A. To the buyers, they might be so hurry to seize the opportunity. Meanwhile, to the sellers from the beginning do not wish to sell their own business (except the real estate corporations – whose big projects are considered professional in capital transferring). Therefore, it can be said that M&A is the technique for the ‘connoisseurs’, the “old-fashioned collector”, recognizing the hidden value and knowing how to refresh and renovate a “business model” for short and long-term profit.

M&A is a complicated and aggressive chess game – the challenge for both of the sellers and buyers. In particular, the biggest problem is the debt or taxes traps, product quality – in the future, how both of customers and staff will interact and operate when the company is changing owners for ensuring the profit potential for M&A project.

Harrison Consultant & Investment Co., Ltd providing M&A advisory services to identify, measure, and handle the key issues in an M&A deal – including legal, financial and profit management; and thereby, helping customers are a connoisseur in playing M&A world – has been developing strongly and modernly.

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