* Characteristics: USD 1 million advance file and 70% loan value of USD 10,000,000

* Issuance plan: Credit-based financing at Big 4 Bank Vietnam

The most difficult problem that our customers set for us is that we need to explain the feasibility plan and the cash flow before our customers … sign a contract to run their projects, of course they had a award letter. And we had to contact the sponsoring Bank to open import L/C when only the draft contract was available. The story has nothing to “lament” if after the Customer signs the Contract, after the bank has funded to open L/C, the strict terms of the contract from the Korean partner have caused the bank to deny open the contract guarantee and continue to loan base on the project revenue because of the bank’s risk management policy.

Change the bank? No, the bank does not want to let customers go because they have sponsored a part to open L/C. And our customers also do not want to find other banks under our advisory that bank can meet strict conditions from our client’s partners, because our client do not have enough credit line limits to open. And Harrison is in that position sandwiched between our client and the banks. We have come up with a third party negotiation plan, to work directly with our client’s parter and the banks to balance the Bank’s Contract Terms and Risk Management Policy. With in-depth experience on international guarantee issue, as well as the specific risk management policy of every Vietnamese bank, we have “localized” our client’s Contract and “internationalized” the bank policy to negote the risk management of the Bank to balance the interests of our Customers, the benefits of having the Bond quickly but still meet the basic requirement of Bank’s risk management policy.

We have succeeded to close the progress of issuing the Bond at the right dealine of the project of the request of our client to support their cash flow to meet the project schedule. There are 2 options for you to choose Harrison Co., deal with the similer case about, or as our customer, come to “make Harrison meet difficult”, or come to Harrison and Harrison to review the your Contract to avoid/provision of difficult risks when you implementing the Contract, Harrison provides review and negotiation services for Contract with the legal, financial, risk management sectors to competed Payment Document. We have succeeded in appraising, negotiating and promoting dozens of big value contracts, more than million dollars to ensure contract risks and contract progress for our clients. We look forward to providing quality consulting services to efficiency business control for our customers, please contact us.


– Fixed: 0.1% – 0.4% of the contract value or the amount of funding needed.

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