Harrison Consultant & Investment Co., ltd is a business consulting firm, with a combination of financial, legal and marketing sectors – We affirm this, because we want to accompany you, especially in the field of contract negotition consultancy. We know our client’s desires need that harmony in the their Model Contract. We study our client’s business model thoroughly, and build a model agreement that meets our client developing business policy: supply chain, marketing, legal, cash-follow and operation compliance to ensure financial and legal control, and still not obstruct sale.

Our clients came to us for this reason. They need an agreement that goes with legal compliance, and beyond that, they need a model agreement that conveys the integrity of their product system and marketing besides legal control. They want to build a model agreement to be closer to their customer, to become their support tool in sale. However, honestly their desire is too risky. Thus, Harrison Co., Ltd provides a modern solution to balance award and risk by our understanding, risk assessment for handling it. Every business has risks which might be detectable, might be not. Our experts, those who have worked for many years for the large corporations, will help you facing and dealing with your risks, not avoiding it.

Contact Harrison Co., to receive model contract – made by what we have consulted and understood our customers – business owners who want to face their risks to get their aquadete award.

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